To make it easy for you, we’ve created a list of signage and print products for your business sign needs within your industry. We offer a range of solutions from business cards, outdoor signage and promotional banners to help grow awareness around your business.

For Construction sites we offer safety signs, vinyl wraps for your equipment and more.

In Politics and Campaigns, we understand the need for proper and cost-effective signage; proudly show your name on lawns everywhere.

For Restaurants it’s all about getting people traffic in your doos so displaying your name in creative and effective ways is the best way to attract attention.

For Real Estate companies we offer business cards, yard signage, banner stands and more to promote open houses, properties for sale and to help your customers connect with your agents.

Our Education offering will help grow school spirit and self esteem with vinyl wrappings, window covers and more great things!

If you can’t find your industry below we still have a solution for you! Get in touch with one of our experts or surf our complete product offering by visiting our sign or print pages.  We look forward to helping your grow your business.

construction business signs


Construction Companies rely on a variety of signs each and every day to help keep their sites safe and productive. Our offerings go above and beyond as they will assist you in promoting your business name as well as provide the functional signage you need. Find out more about what we can do for your construction company.

political business signs


Around election time yards are flooded with support signs.  We can make those and other important signage products for a complete end-to-end solution. From indoor signage, business cards, yard signs, glass vinyl & more. No campaign is complete without proper signage and displays.  Let us worry about that part.

restaurant business signs


Restaurants are ever reliant on effective and eye catching signage as there are so much competition. To stand out, we recommend signage that is as unique as your restaurant. We have the end-to-end solution to make sure customers not only find your business, but will be enticed to walk through the door too.

real estate business signs


An industry that heavily relies on proper signage, our products will not only help you market open houses and properties for sale, they’ll also help you market yourself and your business. A wide range of signage and print options will give you the competitive edge in your market. Check out the great products we have to offer.

education business signs


Invest in the future! Sterling Print + Signs offers a wide range of solutions for schools that will boost school spirit, encourage positive behaviour and class attendance while making your campus a brighter place for all. Your students will be excited to return to school each year  – invest in the aesthetic and spirit of your school and building.

small business signs


We offer solutions for various industries but also small businesses for many industries. We understand your challenges and strengths are different and we offer signage to suit those needs. Browse our collection or great signage options to help your small business!




To provide our customers with the best possible experience Sterling Marking Products has separated our products into specialized brands.  As our product lines grew into vastly different groupings, it was clear separating the brands would make it easier to determine what products are best suited to your industry.  When you contact us through the branded site, you will immediately be connected with a knowledgeable print or signage specialist.